Monday, June 04, 2007

Kazakh Kids Reunion

Wow. What a great weekend.

On Saturday we attended a get together with families whose children are also from the Delphin baby home in Kostanai. We gathered at a lovely home surrounded by woods and beautiful gardens. Our host was Beth, mother to Alex and Lana. Beth's last week in Kostanai coincided with our first week there and we followed her around like baby ducklings as she showed us the ropes. All told there were six families and 9 Kaz kids ranging in age from two to six. Our dear friends the Meusers (Bob, Beth and Nicholas) were among the group.

We arrive at noon after a few errant turns. Molly was a bit shy as is her m.o. when new faces are around but warmed up quickly. Aidan headed straight for the shelf lined with toy trains (anyone surprised). He became attached to a Lego Percy engine which didn't leave his side all day. He would have happily stayed in the playroom all day if we didn't insist he put on his bathing suit and join everyone outside. Yes, the lovely house also had an in ground pool. The day was hot and sunny and the pool shall we say "refreshing". Molly and Aidan have not been in a "real" pool since shortly after we arrived home in August of '05 so we weren't sure what to expect. Molly and Aidan loved it. A little hesitant at first, both were "swimming" by themselves (life vest and noodle under the arms) after a short while. There was a small inflatable boat that Molly took a shining to and we heard many choruses of "Molly's in a boat" sung by a laughing little girl. Molly wanted to be in the pool all day so mommy and daddy took turns. After lunch Aidan and Nicholas headed to the swing set and dug and drove trucks in the sand. At 5:30 we packed our gear to head home. Molly was not in agreement with our decision and pitched a MAJOR fit including full volume crying and screaming. Getting her dressed was a two person job. After 5 1/2 of playing and swimming and no nap the girl was done. We managed to wrangle her into the car and after a while she settled down. Aidan was cooked too but to tired to fight. After only a few minutes on the road I looked back to see him passed out with his chin on his chest. Molly tried to keep her eyes open in protest but lost after a valient effort. So what did we do with our tired children? Dragged them to a soccer game. Hey, they got a few winks. It was the championship game for the league Pat used to play in and his former team was playing. Molly and Aidan were cranky when we woke them up (duh) but came around after mom whipped out some PB&J sandwiches. Pat's team won. We arrived home at 8:30pm and Molly and Aidan went to their beds without a peep. What a GREAT day!!

Saturday was followed up by our agency's annual picnic at a state park. The picnic was well attended and included families created through both domestic and international adoption. Several of the same cast of characters from Saturday's festivities were there. We also met up with friends from my former place of employment. They had moved to Florida but are now living in Maryland. Their beautiful daughter was born in Astana and recently turned 3. Families pack their own lunch and the agency provides activities for the kids, a live band, free family portraits by a professional photographer, and an ice cream truck. We hung our Kazakhstani flag and set up camp. It was another great day only slightly dampened by some tears when Molly's balloon animal teddy bear popped.

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Shellie said...

I look at that picture of 3 happy little faces sharing/fighting over ice cream, and I think how happy those little American faces are, and how different their lives would have been had not been adopted. :)