Friday, May 25, 2007

Everybody Into the Pool

Summer fun officially began after a quick trip to Target (is there really such a thing as a quick trip to Target??). We purchased our pool for the season and Molly and Aidan are in heaven. Daddy blew up the pool while the kiddies napped and Mommy went grocery shopping. Pat got the kids up, into their suits and into the pool. As I put the groceries away I enjoyed the giggles and laughter of two happy toddlers. Pure magic. Needless to say swimming has been the preferred activity for the last several days.

Today the temps were close to 90 and Molly and Aidan were swimming after their nap. Pat was finishing up his outside chore for the day (yes, the man who had his hip replaced a scant 5 weeks ago). He joined us poolside when he was done and decided to go for a dip. The pool is not really big and his presence took up a good bit of real estate. After about five minutes Molly said to him "Daddy, please get out. You're too big." Well, at least she said please. Daddy had to settle for having water poured on his feet.

Toddlers are so silly. Molly and Aidan play a game they created which they call ha-poo. We have no idea what it is or how it is played but they rip around the house saying ha-poo and laughing like maniacs. If Molly wants to play she'll ask "Aidan ha-poo hmmmmm?" and the games begin. Yesterday Pat said to Molly "Molly ha-poo hmmmm?" Molly responded "Nope, not yet." Pat has asked several time since and received the same reply. No ha-poo for daddy.

For the last several weeks we've been dropping Pat at his PT appointment and heading to the gym. After I'm done my workout we head back to pick Daddy up. The other day we got into the car and I told Molly and Aidan that we were going to pick Daddy up. Molly said "He's my favorite Daddy." My heart just melted.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are the proud owners of a new cat. For the past week or so Aidan has been crawling around on all fours while meowing. This is the perfect alternative for us since both Pat and I are allergic to cats. It's all good.

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