Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Boy and His Bins

Aidan's new favorite past time is to play with the storage bins in his room. Construction takes place prior to naps and bedtime. We can hear something going on and look forward to peeking in after he is asleep to see what he has done. He likes to put all of his "things" in the bins and then arrange them. Sometimes he lines them up on the floor like a train or stacks them in his bed. Occasionally we'll go in to his room in the morning and find him in a bin on his bed.

Aidan has also developed a love of jeans and requests to wear them every day. This has not been possible because 1) the weather has been too warm and 2) the boy doesn't own enough pairs. He's decided to take matters into his own hands and has been digging through his drawers after we leave his room. I walked into his room the other morning and didn't see him in his bed. I looked across the room and found him sitting in his chair with his jeans on. "I found some pants." he said. We now leave a pair beside his bed to minimize the rooting in his drawers.


Anonymous said...


I found the story of the bins and the jeans so entertaining. This little boy really knows his own mind! What a busy little bee he is. Love, Aunt 'Leen

dkeogh said...

Hey Ali.......I went back to work last week (only 3 days a week thank goodness!!) and as a result my 'puter and BLOG time is greatly diminished! So tonight I got to catch up on your last few BLOG entries. Your family always brings a smile to my face! I know you have to have heard it before but OMG your kids are just so darned lovable. I loved seeing the reunion with other Kaz families and the picnic you went is amazing how people you never knew can become so important to you as a result of adopting your kids (either you met them in the adoption process or in kaz or because of your agency when you came home) Our agencies picnic is on June 23rd and we are really looking forward to going to see some other families again. Then the on June 30th we head to Michigan to meet up with 3 other families who were in the BH with us last year, we are having a week at the lake together (courtesy of one of the families in-laws) to say we are excited is an understatement....we can't wait to see how these kiddies of our heart are doing!!

Take care.

Mary in TO