Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yard Sale and Other News

Not much computer time last week as all of my "free" time was spent getting ready for our yard sale which took place on Saturday. We did not add much income to the coffers but we unloaded a bunch of stuff and had some fun too. The only hitch was the man who took the "help yourself" sign next to the box of mini doughnuts literally and made off with the entire thing. Luckily the doughnuts had been on sale at the market and we had several reserve boxes. Molly and Aidan had fun chatting with all of the shoppers and visiting the other houses in the neighborhood that were included in the sale.

In addition to preparing for the yard sale, we've been having a bit of a rough patch with the dynamic duo. Mutiny is in the air and we've been waging many a battle. Not unexpected given the age but very frustrating because of the frequency and intensity. Wears a person out! Things have settled back to a more manageable level but man what a week. We're hoping for a bit of smooth sailing before more rough seas.

Next week I'll be taking Molly and Aidan to the Finger Lakes in NY. My brother's wife's family owns a lovely cottage on Lake Canandaigua. Pat and I have gone several times before we had kiddies and have had a terrific time. I will be flying solo since Pat is just back to work after six weeks off for his surgery. The only thing I'm a bit nervous about is sleeping. I'm hoping a busy schedule and lots of fresh air will help in this department. I'm looking forward to seeing my big brother, Grant, his wifey Sue and all of her family.

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Jane-Jane said...

fresh air will be good for all! There's nothing like running, playing swimming and fresh air to tire little ones (and the big ones too)! Have fun!