Friday, May 25, 2007

Everybody Into the Pool

Summer fun officially began after a quick trip to Target (is there really such a thing as a quick trip to Target??). We purchased our pool for the season and Molly and Aidan are in heaven. Daddy blew up the pool while the kiddies napped and Mommy went grocery shopping. Pat got the kids up, into their suits and into the pool. As I put the groceries away I enjoyed the giggles and laughter of two happy toddlers. Pure magic. Needless to say swimming has been the preferred activity for the last several days.

Today the temps were close to 90 and Molly and Aidan were swimming after their nap. Pat was finishing up his outside chore for the day (yes, the man who had his hip replaced a scant 5 weeks ago). He joined us poolside when he was done and decided to go for a dip. The pool is not really big and his presence took up a good bit of real estate. After about five minutes Molly said to him "Daddy, please get out. You're too big." Well, at least she said please. Daddy had to settle for having water poured on his feet.

Toddlers are so silly. Molly and Aidan play a game they created which they call ha-poo. We have no idea what it is or how it is played but they rip around the house saying ha-poo and laughing like maniacs. If Molly wants to play she'll ask "Aidan ha-poo hmmmmm?" and the games begin. Yesterday Pat said to Molly "Molly ha-poo hmmmm?" Molly responded "Nope, not yet." Pat has asked several time since and received the same reply. No ha-poo for daddy.

For the last several weeks we've been dropping Pat at his PT appointment and heading to the gym. After I'm done my workout we head back to pick Daddy up. The other day we got into the car and I told Molly and Aidan that we were going to pick Daddy up. Molly said "He's my favorite Daddy." My heart just melted.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are the proud owners of a new cat. For the past week or so Aidan has been crawling around on all fours while meowing. This is the perfect alternative for us since both Pat and I are allergic to cats. It's all good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

They Call Me Mom

Mother's Day has always been a bitter sweet day for me. For more years than I care to remember it was a painful reminder that I was not a mother though I longed to be one. Then I lost my own mother and my heart still hasn't fully healed. This Mother's Day I found myself struggling to let go of my dream of becoming a mother to another child as my husband finally closed the door on another adoption. Not an easy one for me. Mother's Day also reminds me that there are people I love dearly that have hoped and prayed for a child and still have empty arms. I share their pain.

I know, I know. You say "How can you feel this way when you have two beautiful, healthy, amazing children to love and hold?" Molly and Aidan are my world. I feel blessed that they are mine. I consider it a great privilege and honor to be their mother. I KNOW that I am their mother. I see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices and feel it in their touch. This is the sweet part of Mother's Day for me. But I feel this everyday.

On a much, much lighter note....In a short span of time I've gone from mama, to mommy, to mom. How did this happen? Molly and Aidan are only 2 1/2. Today as I was doing the dishes Aidan approached me with a paper in his hand and said "Here Allison, I drew this for you." Mom isn't sounding too bad now.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back To Normal

Life resumed it's "normal" rhythm this past week. This included three days at the gym (Aidan now has two 5 year old girls fussing over him..Chloe and Lily), story time at the library, a visit from Mo and Pop Pop, and several trips to the park. Molly and Aidan helped Mommy fill the bird feeders with seeds and have been having fun watching the birds. They talk to their birdie friends and are disappointed when they fly away. Mommy, Molly and Aidan are happy that Daddy is around even if he is limited in what he can do. It will be tough when he is ready to return to work.

The weather has been pleasant enough to be outside but it's not warm enough yet for shorts. I LOVE the hot weather and I'm anxious for it to arrive. Molly and Aidan enjoyed their first ice cream cones. They've had ice cream before of course but we've always given it to them in a bowl to avoid a mess. They were thrilled to have their own cones and were amazed to find out that you get to eat the cone. Life is good.

I took the kids to the zoo this morning after Mass. Daddy stayed home to rest. Molly and Aidan had a great time. They walked most of the time while Mommy followed behind with the double jog stroller. Should have left it in the car. Trips to the zoo are becoming very interesting. Today's highlights included the discovery of camel poop and noticing that camels have hineys.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back Seat Drivers

Molly and Aidan have begun to point out stop signs to me as we're driving. I hear from the back "Mommy stop sign. Stop Mommy.". This is followed by "OK, go now Mommy." Are you kidding me! They are 2 1/2. For kicks I threw out "green light means go.". Aidan replied "red light stop." Very scary. Aidan has recently turned into a parrot. Frequently he will repeat what you say to him including sentences of 7 or 8 words. It has been absolutely facinating to watch Molly and Aidan's language skills develop. They can tell us what they want and express their ideas. They are constantly asking "what's that?" or "who's that?" Their vocabulary is quite impressive. Vehicles on the road are not simply cars or trucks but tractor trailers, tanker trucks, and pick up trucks. Construction vehicles are now excavators, front loaders and backhoes. Flowers are tulips, irises and daffodils. Truly amazing.

In other news, Pat arrived home from the hospital last Monday and is doing very well. He is able to get around on crutches including going up and down steps. He will have in-home PT for a few more weeks and then will continue at the rehab facility. He is also visited several time a week by an RN to check his vitals, wound and draw blood. The staples were removed yesterday (25-30 of them) and he is healing nicely. His pain is managable with the medication prescribed by the doctor. He is getting stronger every day and we are pleased with his continuing recovery. Molly and Aidan are glad to have Daddy home even if he can't play with them like he usually does. My sister and her husband returned home on Sunday. We had a terrific week and are so greatful for having had their help. My BIL took home a lovely parting gift...a stomach bug.