Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Adventure Continues

My beloved Blog is neglected I know. With Facebook and an iPhone I can quickly share with family and friends the happenings in our lives. I would like to post a brief update so that people who have followed this blog in days gone by can see how we're doing. I still read many blogs and occasionally leave a comment so it might be nice to have something more up to date if someone stops by.
In August 2013 we celebrated our 8th (yes 8th!!!!) Gotcha Day. Molly and Aidan started 3rd grade in September. Both play soccer. Molly takes dance (hip hop) and Aidan is in scouts. Last April they both made their First Holy Communion. We're looking forward to traveling to Florida in November for my niece's wedding.
Molly is a sweet and thoughtful girl. She loves arts & crafts and is quite creative. She especially likes to make things for others. She works hard in school and has made great progress each year. Molly is VERY silly and has a terrific laugh. I won't be surprised to perhaps see her on SNL one day. Molly also loves to write and illustrate her own stories. I love to read them and have accumulated quite a collection.
Aidan is a bright and busy boy. He loves reading and devours books with great enthusiasm. He is a gamer (of course) and enjoys a variety of games. Minecraft is his current passion. I like to play as well! Aidan does very well in school. He is in the enrichment program at school and takes math at the next grade level. "Exhibiting self control" continues to be an area needing improvement. Aidan is a sweet boy. Not too big yet for hugs and kisses :)
I am very well indeed. It has been nearly 3 1/2 years since my cancer diagnosis and I remain cancer free. I just graduated from every 3 month check ups to every 6. Whoo hoo! I've recently rejoined the work force. I am on the sub list for our school district. I survived my first assignment at the middle school.
I will leave off with some recent pictures :)