Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Talk About Your Alternative Ending...

April. Was my last post really in April? Well, I do have some news to share but its certainly not what I was expecting. I had surgery in June to remove a cyst from my ovary. My old friend endometreosis had reared its ugly head again. And thankfully it did because in addition to the cyst the surgeon discovered a tumor and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Needless to say we were floored. Fortunately the tumor was earlier stage. Not so fortunately my ongoing treatment includes chemotherapy. I recovered quickly from the surgery and started chemo at the end of July. This week I will have my 6th of 6 cycles. I have been tolerating chemo well. My hair not so much. I have invested in many pairs of BIG earrings in hopes that they will be a distraction from my bald head! And hey, I haven't had to shave my legs in over two months. I have had tremendous support from my family and friends. This has helped enormously. I have maintained a positive outlook and life surges ahead. Really, who has time to be sick with two 5 (almost 6) year olds!

We had a fabulous summer despite my diagnosis. We spent the 4th at Lake Canandaugia with family, visited Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charlie in VA, made annual pilgrimage to visit our dear friends in Welland Ont., and spent a few days at the beach with Mo, Pop Pop, Aunt Eileen and Uncle Ron. We also spent many, many fun filled hours at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom thanks to Aunt Barbara and her gift of season passes.

Molly and Aidan started kindergarten in September and love it. They are in separate classrooms (per our request) and this is working out well. Most importantly they get to ride on the school bus. Big kids. So hard to believe they are in kindergarten already. Molly lost two teeth. Aidan still has all of his and is not happy about that. At the end of October, Molly and Aidan celebrated their 6th birthday in style at Chuck E. Cheese's.

And on the adoption from....sadly we have decided not to more forward with our adoption. Given my diagnosis it probably wasn't an option anyway. Still, it was difficult. After nearly two years and travel on the horizon our journey is finally over. Tough yes but we will count our Blessing. Molly and Aidan continue to be a joy and fill our lives with love and happiness. Who could ask for more?