Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back Seat Drivers

Molly and Aidan have begun to point out stop signs to me as we're driving. I hear from the back "Mommy stop sign. Stop Mommy.". This is followed by "OK, go now Mommy." Are you kidding me! They are 2 1/2. For kicks I threw out "green light means go.". Aidan replied "red light stop." Very scary. Aidan has recently turned into a parrot. Frequently he will repeat what you say to him including sentences of 7 or 8 words. It has been absolutely facinating to watch Molly and Aidan's language skills develop. They can tell us what they want and express their ideas. They are constantly asking "what's that?" or "who's that?" Their vocabulary is quite impressive. Vehicles on the road are not simply cars or trucks but tractor trailers, tanker trucks, and pick up trucks. Construction vehicles are now excavators, front loaders and backhoes. Flowers are tulips, irises and daffodils. Truly amazing.

In other news, Pat arrived home from the hospital last Monday and is doing very well. He is able to get around on crutches including going up and down steps. He will have in-home PT for a few more weeks and then will continue at the rehab facility. He is also visited several time a week by an RN to check his vitals, wound and draw blood. The staples were removed yesterday (25-30 of them) and he is healing nicely. His pain is managable with the medication prescribed by the doctor. He is getting stronger every day and we are pleased with his continuing recovery. Molly and Aidan are glad to have Daddy home even if he can't play with them like he usually does. My sister and her husband returned home on Sunday. We had a terrific week and are so greatful for having had their help. My BIL took home a lovely parting gift...a stomach bug.

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jeneflower said...

Wow what great progress with the language skills! It is a good thing you have them with you in the car with you just in case you forget what the stop lights mean and need some reminders!