Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back To Normal

Life resumed it's "normal" rhythm this past week. This included three days at the gym (Aidan now has two 5 year old girls fussing over him..Chloe and Lily), story time at the library, a visit from Mo and Pop Pop, and several trips to the park. Molly and Aidan helped Mommy fill the bird feeders with seeds and have been having fun watching the birds. They talk to their birdie friends and are disappointed when they fly away. Mommy, Molly and Aidan are happy that Daddy is around even if he is limited in what he can do. It will be tough when he is ready to return to work.

The weather has been pleasant enough to be outside but it's not warm enough yet for shorts. I LOVE the hot weather and I'm anxious for it to arrive. Molly and Aidan enjoyed their first ice cream cones. They've had ice cream before of course but we've always given it to them in a bowl to avoid a mess. They were thrilled to have their own cones and were amazed to find out that you get to eat the cone. Life is good.

I took the kids to the zoo this morning after Mass. Daddy stayed home to rest. Molly and Aidan had a great time. They walked most of the time while Mommy followed behind with the double jog stroller. Should have left it in the car. Trips to the zoo are becoming very interesting. Today's highlights included the discovery of camel poop and noticing that camels have hineys.


Dawn Traub said...

Hi Allison, looks like they really enjoyed their ice cream cones. Wondering how it ended and how much of it was on their shirts :-)

I've given Charlotte a popsicle, but have done a cone yet (still doing the bowl, maybe I can be as brave.

Wondering if you will be going to the AFTH picnic in June? Now that we are in Maryland, we plan to try it this year. Hope to make a weekend of it.

I enjoy reading your blog, you are all doing so great.

Dawn & Greg & Charlotte

Jae said...

Hello Pat and Alli,

You had commented on my blog re: Kaz adoption. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me re: the procedures etc for an adoption in Kaz. My email is I realize there are different procedures as I am in Canada, but having some knowledge of the procedures in Kaz would be great info to have. Like I mentioned, Ukraine is currently limiting the number of adoptions to 24 for Canadians, and there are over 100 families in Manitoba alone trying to adopt, never mind the other agencies across Canada.



dkeogh said...

Hey guys, just back from a trip home to Ireland to see my family and got caught up on your BLOG. The dynamic due look adorable as usual, love to hear the story about their speech coming on, Orin is not there yet but it will be neat when he gets there (will I regret I said that???)

Mary K.

P.S. Jae who posted from Canada we are in Toronto and adopted our son from Kaz last year. Please feel free to look at our BLOG (link below) and ask any questions specific to Canada/Kaz if you have them.