Monday, March 12, 2007

Really Nice Weekend

My niece Kristen arrived Friday night for a weekend visit. Lucky for me as Pat was scheduled to go out with the guys. Kristen and I took Molly and Aidan for ice cream. She helped me give them a bath, put them to bed and then we watched "Little Miss Sunshine". A nice quiet evening at home.

On Saturday, Pat put together the table and chairs I had ordered for Molly and Aidan from The Land of Nod. It has a roll of art paper attached to the end. The kids love it. Now they can color whenever they want to without having to ask me to get everything out. We made a quick run to the toy store in the afternoon as Aidan was successful again in doing his business on the potty. Surprise, surprise, he selected another train from the Thomas collection. Molly on the other hand was eyeballing the pink Barbie Escalade a few aisles over.

Our friends Bob and Beth and their son Nicholas came for a visit on Saturday night. For those who don't know or remember, we traveled to Kazakhstan with Bob and Beth. Nicholas' crib was next to Aidan's in the baby home. We're fortunate that they only live 25 minutes away. We had Chinese for dinner and a fabulous raspberry cream tart creation from Wegman's (courtesy of Bob and Beth) for dessert. The kids ripped around the house and had a great time. We sat at the table and talked for hours. The only mishap was a bruised pinkie finger for Aidan. After he stopped crying he asked me for some tape. I gave him a piece and he applied it to the injured hand. He asked for another and then another. He was satisfied after the hand was covered with about 8 pieces. I wish I had thought to take a picture.

We took the kids to Mass on Sunday. Didn't think it would be fair to leave Kristen alone with two toddlers. I'm sure she's more than capable but I thought it would be nice for her just to relax. After Mass we went to the zoo for the first time in a few months. We had a good time but it was colder and more windy than we anticipated. The pathways around the zoo were covered with puddles as the temps are rising and the snow melting. One section was completely covered and people had to wade across several inches of water. I'm looking forward to the nicer weather and more frequent trips to the zoo.

Potty update: Congratulations to our Molly Claire who made #2 on the potty for the first time Sunday. Of course there is a story...I was upstairs doing something and Pat was in the living room playing with Aidan. Molly was in the toy room. We suddenly heard her wailing. Pat ran into the room to find Molly standing in front of her potty with her pants down. He looked inside and bada bing she had done her business. We figure she sat down to pee and it just happened. She apparently was quite caught off guard! We sang, danced and clapped. She started to laugh. Meanwhile, the boy had his face almost in the bowl looking at the contents saying "pine cone, pine cone". Guess he thought it looked like a pine cone!! The toy store was closed so we'll be making another trip tonight after daddy gets home from work.


Soper said...

Yay for potty time!

I thought that chair looked familiar... LOL! You are so lucky to have a Kazakh friend nearby; I have to rely on emailed pictures to keep A. in touch with her friends. Of course, she has started saying that it is "MY Kazakhstan!" and doesn't want to share it with Molly and Aidan...

dkeogh said...

Yeah for the potty training!! I laughed my head off at the pine cone comment - out of the mouth of babes eh??? We have talked about starting potty training for Orin in the next few months (he is 2 next month) the other night he was in the bath room in all his glory getting ready to go into the bath, his sister Ashling was brushing her teeth and he proceeded to tinkle all over her leg and toes!!! One of our funny moments (don't think Ashling would agree!!) You could see by Orin he was so surprised that he tinkled - I think we have a ways to go with our little lad!!

The photo of the kids is wonderful, it is great you have people so close to you. We have another family in Toronto who adopted at the same time as us, their son is 10 days older than Orin, it is great to have the connection.

BTW Happy La Le Padraig this Saturday!! Wonder if there is anywhere we can get Tien Shen beer in North America!!

The Keogh's from North of the border.