Friday, March 09, 2007

Now We're Cruisin'

Molly and Aidan continue to do well on the potty. The boy has even figured out how to get his pants down without assistance. Silly me. I thought this was something that came naturally for boys/men. The really big news is that Aidan "did his business" on the potty for the first time on Wednesday. A huge celebration ensued with hopping, dancing and singing. We called Daddy at work and Aunt Barbara in VA. Mo and Pop Pop arrived for their weekly visit and the fussing continued. When daddy got home from work we went to the toy store. As we pulled into the parking lot Aidan exclaimed "Bar-buh takes me here." Once inside we headed to the Thomas the Tank Engine section and the boy was in Thomas heaven. Several people stopped to watch him and chuckle. Molly was a great sport and kept pointing out things for Aidan to consider. We thought she might get bent out of shape since only Aidan was getting something. What a good girl.

We've been hanging around the house most of the week but have made a few short outings. No problems keeping dry. Last night after dinner Pat generously offered to go the the gym with me and stay will Molly and Aidan at the child care center. I haven't taken them all week because I was afraid it would be too long for them to go without going to the potty. They had a great time, stayed dry and mom got a much needed workout. Thanks Daddy!

OK, I hear you. Enough of the potty training play by play. I promise only to include the occasional update in future postings unless something truly worthy happens. I've included a few pictures of our week around the house.

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Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. Your little ones do have their own fashion sense don't they? Glad to hear the potty training is progressing. Love Aunt 'leen