Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Potty Training Day 4

Molly and Aidan are doing great. Mom is exhausted. We had just one accident today. Molly has been flying solo since Monday. She has discovered how to go just enough to get me dancing and singing her praises and to get her reward...two M&Ms. She then repeats the process 5 minutes later. Smart little cookie. Makes you wonder who's being trained here. Aidan will always go if you sit him down but as yet won't take the initiative himself. He was dry this morning when he woke up. I believe this is a positive sign. They both seem pleased with themselves and never miss an opportunity to tell people they're wearing underpants. I watched my neighbors two children for a few hours today while she went to the doctors. Molly and Aidan were so excited to show Abby and Ryan what they could do on the potty. "Look Abby, look Ryan see, see, pee pee in the potty" they shouted. The five and six year old couldn't have been any less interested. I was able to get them to give Molly and Aidan a few high fives. We took Molly and Aidan out tonight for ice cream and told them we were going because they were doing so well on the potty. They made it there and back again with dry pants. So progress continues to be made in the Number 1 department.

Number 2 is another story. They either make it until naptime or bedtime when we put diapers on them or just go in their underpants (extremely unpleasant option for mom and dad). We're scratching our heads and grasping at straws on this one. We talk about doing it in the potty. I follow them around diligently watching for any indication that they might need to go (and they can tell you when they do). Sometimes they sit on the potty for a second, then get up and say "too hard mommy". Today our builder came over to look at our basement and discuss some ideas for finishing it. I brought the kids down with us as they have tons of toys down there to play with. Not five minutes into our discussions I look over and see Molly standing there with that look on her face. She sees me looking and says "making stinkies mommy". Dang, a missed opportunity. We're hoping a few more viewings of the "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD will shed some light on the subject.

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dkeogh said...

Ali - the photos of your two are brilliant. I can picture their huge personalities just by looking at them! Our Ashling was the same way in terms of training, we were good at #1 but #2 took a while. Perseverance and also when the child is ready will dictate when it happens. Try not to stress too much - yeh right!!! I turned into an obsessed woman!!

Good luck

Mary K.