Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Week Gone By?

I was reminded by my niece Kristen that I'm overdue for a new post and I promised her that I'd get on the ball. Not much going other than the usual shenanigans of the typical toddler times two. Molly and Aidan are the loves of our lives but man can they wear you out. We're finding two to be as tough as it is rewarding. It is amazing to watch them learn and grow and discover the world. Their vocabulary is expanding like crazy and they now speak in full sentences. They are putting together thoughts and ideas. I know every parent thinks this but Molly and Aidan really are bright kids. They can identify colors (the basics and much, much more) and shapes, count to 10 hitting all numbers on most occasions, sing the alphabet song and get it about 60% right, and they can identify a handful of letters and the sounds they make. Both have terrific memories. Molly loves, loves, loves to sing, dance and move to the music. The Kazakh man is still not an excellent dancer but what he lacks in form is more than made up by his enthusiasm. Trains continue to be Aidan's passion and he can name a good number of engines from the Thomas collection. Molly and Aidan love books and we recently started another session of toddler story time at the local library. They really enjoy the program and have gone from quiet observers to enthusiastic participants. We check out a few books each week and they think that is the best.

My sister Barbara arrive from VA on Monday for a week long visit and that is always great. She is terrific company and a big, big help with the kids. She was out of commission recovering from knee surgery when she visited in January and developed bronchitis on her February visit. She is back to her normal form and can really enjoy the kids. More importantly, she has resumed her role as nanny. LOL. It's always difficult after she leaves because it's back to reality and making my own coffee in the morning. Luckily she visits frequently.

Potty training update...Things continue to go well. Accidents are few and minimal. Number 2 is either done on the potty or in a diaper at nap/bed time. There are no issues using a public restroom. Aidan can get his own pants down now and Molly can get hers up and down. There is a downside to all of this though. The convenience of having a child in diapers is gone. We have to make sure we use the potty before we leave the house, make sure we know where the bathroom is when we're out and head straight for the potty when we return home. Already they are learning the power they have over us with the request of "I have to use the potty". Last Sunday we went to the LaSalle Women's Basketball banquet. I saw very little of the presentations and awards as I was busy making trips to the bathroom with either Molly or Aidan in tow. But we can't complain. They are doing so well and we're so proud of them.

In other news...My husband Pat has scheduled his hip replacement surgery for the 20th of April. For those of you who don't know him you might be surprised to hear that he is only 46 and quite young for this type of procedure. I'm looking forward to his improved health and the better quality of life the surgery promises. I'm praying all goes as planned and that he has a speedy recovery.

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jeneflower said...

You are doing great with them! How old are they now? I think I need some tips from you!