Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mutiny on the Potty

We awoke Saturday morning to a beautifully sunny day. The bounty of underpants was spread out on the bedroom floor and Molly and Aidan carefully considered each pair before making their selections. Spirits were high. It went downhill from there. We got downstairs, took off our PJs, said goodbye to our diapers and proceeded to sit on the potty. You would have thought we were trying to make them sit on a pile of hot coals. There was much complaining, crying and attempts at escape. Nothing else. We were a bit taken aback since this was not the first time Molly and Aidan used the potty. Pat and I remained calm and enthusiastic. We periodically asked if anyone needed to use the potty. We periodically placed them on the potty (again with much protesting and crying). Aidan did go a few times but also had an accident. Molly wouldn't go and had several accidents. We still remained positive and encouraging. We went with pull ups for nap time. The afternoon went much better with fewer accidents and fewer protests. Both went a few times. Molly and Aidan had a bath and when it was time for bed we sat on the potty before going upstairs. Both sat without protest and did their business. HOORAY!! Progress was being made. At days end the tally for underpants stood at 9 pairs. We're going with diapers overnight until Molly and Aidan get the hang of things.

Today (Sunday) has been a much, much better day. No one has cried when asked to sit on the potty. I took Aidan to the bathroom during Mass and he went on the "big potty". When we got home Molly took the initiative and went all by herself! Aidan had two accidents this morning which is surprising because last time we attempted this he was a pro. Go figure. Anyway we still have a long, long way to go but we've started and are moving forward. Good job Molly and Aidan.

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jeneflower said...

Good luck on your potty training! You have a lot of patience!