Sunday, June 05, 2005

We're Off

Well, today is the big day. Our bags are packed. Hopefully they're all within the 70# weight limit. Pat had to remove a few pairs of shoes from his bag when he learned that he had packed more than me. He was too ashamed to bring more shoes than his wife! I have economized and will be bringing a scant 4 pairs. We also have a huge backpack each to carry on and one "personal" item each. Now imagine the trip back when we'll each have a baby strapped to us in a Snuggli. Quite a sight!! We're headed to the airport in about an hour. Hard to believe that we're finally going. Our flight leaves at 6:20 pm from Newark. We arrive in London tomorrow at 6:40 am. We have an eight hour layover in Heathrow. We haven't decided yet whether or not we'll venture from the airport for some quick sightseeing or hang out until our flight. We'll play that by ear. From London we head to Almaty, Kazakhstan with a brief one hour stop in Russia to refuel. Travel time to Almaty is 9 hours and we will be arriving at 4:50 am local time. We will be met at the airport in Almaty by the in-country team. We think the plan is to go a hotel to shower and catch a nap before heading to Kostania. Kostania is the city where the baby home is located and is our final destination. This is where we will be spending the majority of our trip. Travel time to Kostanai is about 5 hours. BTW, we'll be 12 hours ahead of east coast time. Time to go. We'll be checking in as soon as we can.


Anonymous said...

Best of everything to you as you travel-God bless and keep you safe- You are always in our hearts as we pray for your speedy return home.
The boys want to cut grass today already.Richie's well being has been threatened if he increases the watering/sprinkler schedule to make lawn grow faster.XOXO Vegas

Anonymous said...

We miss you already!! Have a safe journey (you should be in London - now). Richie loves that he has the power to make the grass grow faster and make ED & Marty work!! We love our assignments - Good work! We'll be checking in again.
Love, Darlene & Richie

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more from you. I am using my trusty time zone clock that "someone" gave to me from out of her office to track your movements.

Anonymous said...

Alli & Pat--
What an adventure you have embarked on. Looking forward to your updates and wish you all the best as you meet the new additions to your family. How lucky they will be to have you as parents. Take care and God bless.
Love, Alice

Anonymous said...

Hi Alli and Pat, we are thinking about you as you travel, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Today Ed cut the grass--it looks good. We can't wait to hear from you, hope all is going well and you had a safe travel. Stay safe!
Love, Ed, Judy & Girls

Anonymous said...

Alli & Pat—
All my best wishes for you two and the two little ones on the way. I was thinking of you for the past two days and hope all your travels went well. Can't wait till you return home. We all miss you and send our love and support your way. Always in my prayers. XOXO Janet Planet

Pat & Christine Smith said...

Hi Pat & Alli,

We have been thinking about you two since Sunday and we hope you have arrived safely by this time. We can't wait until you send another update - I'm sure the excitement of finally seeing those two beautiful children is more than anyone can describe. Enjoy every minute. Be safe.
Love Pat & Chris

Las Vegas Lanette said...

Hi Alli,
Bunco was last night NO excitement happening there - hiatis now until September.Everyone was asking about you guys and the latest news so we gave them the "Blog" address so even more folks can keep up with your adventures.XOXO

Aunt 'leen & Uncle Ron said...

Hi Pat & Alli,
It's Tuesday at 6:00 PM and I am at surprise there. I thought I would check in on your adventures before packing up the computer and heading home. By now I think you should be in Kastania and getting ready to meet the babies...if you haven't already done so. We are so thrilled for you and looking forward to meeting our new niece and nephew. You remain, as always, in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Eileen & Ron

Susie said...

Wed. 6/8/05 8:00amEST
I'm hoping by now you've seen those beautiful babies!! Can't wait to hear that you've made it safely and have had them in your arms!! Be safe! Lots of love and prayers!

Grant Reed-Hudson said...

Hey Allie. Good luck on your trip. We are all looking forward to reading your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali & Pat,

It's 8:30 am on 6/8 and we're just starting our day. We hope your day was exciting with the kids. Your lawn is going to keep your neighbors busy. It's hot and stormy. The grass is going to grow like crazy. Richie must have done a rain dance. We hope all is well. The Peters

P.S. Oneonta was a success. They won the tourny.

aiko08 said...

Hi Pat & Ali,

We hope all is well and you had an exciting day with the kids. It's hot and stormy and your grass will be growing like cracy. Richie must have done a rain dance.
The boys had a successful weekend at Oneonta. They won the tourny. Imagine that. If you get more than one message from me, it's because I don't know what I'm doing. Good luck!

Pat P and family

Anonymous said...

Good Morning (or afternoon)! It's Wednesday (8th) -- guessing you should be going to visit Molly & Aiden soon! -- What's it like in Kustanay? Will you be able to send pictures? Have a good day!
Love, Darlene & Richie

Paggs said...

I'm so excited for the two of you. Can't wait to keep reading. I'll be thinking of you often and missing you!

Anonymous said...

We can't tell you how happy we are for you guys!(And jealous) The kids are beautiful and we can't wait to meet them! How about the night you come home? Just kidding, we'll wait until the next day.


Tommy, Nancy and Christian

Anonymous said...

We're so haapy for you guys that you're finally there and have your beautiful liitle children in your arms.(We're so jealous) We hope that your trip goes quickly and that you're home very soon, so we can come visit the kids th day you get home. Just kidding! We'll wait til the next day. Have a great time and enjoy every minute of it.


Tommy, Nancy and Christian