Thursday, June 23, 2005

June 23rd

We wake up at 8:00am. Olesya is due to arrive at 8:30am. At 8:10am there is a knock on the door. Would we like to have our room cleaned? Yes, please. Olesya is right on time and we sign four documents. These are the children's medical evaluations that will be submitted to the court. Our signature verifies that we have reviewed them. There is nothing on the schedule this morning. Pat is not feeling well. He has been having some stomach issues. I prescribe imodium and rest. He dozes on the couch and I read. Later he gets into bed with me and dozes some more. I shower and wake Pat up so that he can get ready to go to the baby home. Pat feels well enough to walk to the baby home.

The kids are outside. I have Molly duty today. She has just finished her lunch and is having her face washed. Her caregiver dresses her and she's mine. Pat goes for Aidan. He tells me that Aidan was in his crib when he arrived and when Pat called his name he was greeted with a big grin. We start out in the marble room. We put Molly and Aidan in an upholstered chair for a photo opp.. Molly plays busily with some toys. Aidan jabbers to Pat. We snap a few good ones. Olesya arrives. She dropped the papers off this morning but was not able to see the judge as she was out of town on business. She will hopefully see her when she returns on Monday. Olesya tells us that our pre-trail hearing is tentatively scheduled for Friday. We are told that at the pre-trial hearing the "prosecutor" will ask questions that are similar to those that the judge will ask at the acutual court preceeding. We are preparing ourselves for a flexible schedule. Olesya also tells us that she saw her doctor that afternoon. The doctor is not happy about the swelling in Olesya's feet and ankles. The Dr. would like her to spend less time on her feet (Olesya walks just about everywhere) and to drink an herbal tea she has prescribed. The Dr. has threatened to put her in the hospital if she does not follow her orders (this is not the first time they have been prescribed). Olesya will comply. While she is at the baby home she has a leg and foot massage and her spirits are much improved. Back to the kids....We brought the Snuglis again today and decide to go outside for a stroll with the kids. We load them up and are off. I have Aidan and Pat has her highness. We can't see the face of the child we carry so we report to one another what's going on. The kids enjoy being outside. There is a light breeze and much to see. Pat walks ahead of me (Aidan is checking out some holly hocks) and runs into two young woman with a baby. He introduces Molly and they tell them the name of the baby they are carrying. The young women begin to ask Pat questions and he tells them "I don't speak Russian" in Russian (we've found this phrase to come in very hand). The visit continues dispite the language barrier with fussing over the babies. Aidan and I arrive. I introduce him as Artyom (his given name and more recognizable than Aidan) and there is more fussing. We continue with our walk. Molly gnaws on one of Pat's fingers. Ouch I here him say. Her tiny teeth are mighty sharp. We finish our stroll and return to the marble room. We arrive to find Nicholas with tears in his eyes and Beth comforting him. We had an incident they say. Nicholas was laying on Bob's stomach as he was video taping. Nicholas rolled off and bumped his head on the floor. His first (and definitely not last) egg on his noggin. We take the kids back to their room. I put Aidan in his crib but he is not ready for a nap. His little butt pops up and he moves around. I pat his back and go. Pat was instructed to put Molly in the playpen. We head back to the hotel. Olesya is with us so we will take the bus. A van arrives first and we pile in. A woman seated behind the driver is engaged in a lively conversation with him. Olesya tells us that the woman believes that she is entitled to the senior citizen discount and the driver disagrees. The back and for continues. Olesya laughs and then tells us that the driver has just asked the woman if she is "mentally healthy". The woman gets off with a parting remark to which the drive replies. Olesya does not interpret this exchange for us.

To the Internet cafe when we get back. Both Pat and I post today. We also check email. We're back at the hotel by 5:30pm. Dana is expected ath 6:00pm for dinner.

Dana arrives and we walk to the restaurant. Pat has decided not to join us. His stomach is still ify and he would prefer to be near the facilities. Dinner is in an immense hall. The tables remind me of dining room tables. We are the only ones there. The meal is good but takes a long time. You can order a cuban cigar there if you like. None of us are cigar smokers though. Dinner is done by 8:30pm. We walk back to the hotel. Along the way we make arrangements for Dana to take us to the museum on Tuesday. We say goodnight to Dana and head up to our rooms. Bob and Beth stop in to check on Pat. He's feeling just ok. He ate a banana and chocolate pudding for dinner. Pat writes in his journal and watches soccer. I attempt to read in bed but my belly is full and I crash after just a few minutes.

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