Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time to get Crackin'

We were informed today that we are to be in Almaty Kazakhstan on June 7th!! This is happy, happy news. Our projected travel date was June 10th. We were preparing ourselves for a possible delay but secretly hoping for a timely departure. Never did we imagine that we would be going a few days early. Words cannot adequately describe our feeling of relief and the sudden rush of panic. This is really going to happen. Much to do. Tomorrow we’ll send for our visas and make flight arrangements. We’ve just about completed the paper work we were required to redo. We had our fingerprints redone on Friday the 13th (good luck?). I discovered that you're not allowed to bring coffee into the USCIS building. I had to throw out perfectly good hazelnut coffee that I just bought. That was the only incident to report (well, that and the little boy who peed on the floor at the processing center). We’re having a bon voyage BBQ this Saturday and are expecting about 50 guests. Perfect timing. It will be nice to see everyone before we disappear for the summer. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we will be traveling with our friends who are also adopting from Kazakhstan. We met them at the adoption preparation classes we were required to attend. They were supposed to travel last week and I’m sure they’re dissapointed to have to wait a few more weeks but we’re happy that we’ll all be going together. Time to start packing.


Grant said...

Hey there Pat & Ally. Thanks so much for this blog space. Waht a great way for us to share in your adventure. If you need anything at all, just let us know.

Carla said...

Hi Allison and Pat!!!

We're praying for you!

I also have to say that your picture shows that you haven't aged a day since your wedding! ;) But don't worry...your kids'll fix that! You'll earn every grey hair, and love every minute of it!

Congratulations! We're glad we can follow you on your journey. :)

Sue said...

Thank you for keeping in touch. You know we are here for whatever you need. Travel safely