Thursday, June 09, 2005

June 9th

We slept much better last night. Our room has air conditioning so we were able to keep the windows closed. A knock on the door at 7:45am announces the arrival of breakfast. It is included in the price of our room and will be delivered everyday. Not too shabby. The phone rings. It is Olessya. There has been a change. We are to be at the baby home at 9:30. She and the drivers (Andre and Boom Boom) will pick us up at 9:15. This is fine with us!! We arrive at the baby home on time and are greeted by Dr. Irina. She will be our tour guide (Olessya will translate). Dr. Irina explains the history of the baby home and the children it cares for. She then shows us around. The children are divided into groups based on age. Each group has a large room where they play and are fed and a room where they sleep. The baby home currently cares for 98 children ages 3 and under. Children over 3 are cared for at another home. We are shown all of the different children's rooms. We recognize a few little faces in a couple of them. Molly and Aidan are not in the same room. There are two groups for children their age. Aidan is in the same room as Nicholas. We are also shown the kitchen, milk room (this is where they make formula and prepare and wash bottles), the infirmary, sauna and pool. The tour lasts for 30 minutes and when we are done we go and get the children. The weather is nice and we are told that we will be taking them outside. First to Molly's room. She is handed to me and I am tasked with putting on her diaper and dressing her to go out. Everyone stares as I attempt this and I begin to sweat. Olessya tells us that infants are dressed in 2 layers in summer and 4 layers in winter. We are thankful that it is summer. Molly is bundled adn a babuska is placed on her head. Time to get the boys. Pat is tasked with dressing Aidan as I am holding Molly. He is doing well but the caregiver steps in to assist. Bob and Beth dress Nicholas and we're off. Aidan and Nicholas are wearing similar outfits and the same stylish hat. They look like twins. We stroll around outside and get to know one another. Aidan quietly takes it all in. Pat was able to get a small smile out of him. He is content to be held and blow bubbles. Molly was also pleasant. She laughs out loud when you kiss her cheeks or tickle her belly. Too soon it was time to go back inside. We take the children back to their rooms and say goodbye. The baby home is clean and bright. The children are well cared for and the caregivers show them genuine affection. We feel that Molly and Aidan were loved in our absence.

Lunch with Olessya after the baby home. She departs after lunch and the four of us walk around town to get aquainted. We ran into a man we met at the airport in Astana. He is from Russia but lives and works in Kazakhstan. He helped us find our gate. We say hello, take a picture and exchange email addresses. He is quite a character. His English is halting but his use of off color language is perfect. We're on our own for dinner tonight. We went to the Gros (supermarket) which is across the street from the hotel to pick up a few items. I whipped out the Russian phrase book so I could ask for banannas and lemons (produce is not self-serve). We've been picking up a few words as we go and hope to continue to do so.


Sue said...

Allie and Pat,
We can not wait to see you all! I can not imagine how wonderful it felt to finally hold your kids. I know they know you are going to be very special people in their lives!
Give extra hugs from us, and know we are here if you need anything!!


Grant said...

Your comments each day are so well written that I feel we are there with you. Thanks for sharing & continued good luck!

Kovach Family said...

WOW - A Pool & Sauna - I hope Fairland Farms isn't a BIG disappointment for Molly & Aiden.Thank you so much for including us all with your wonderful Blog entries.Congratulations !!! This is all great news.Our prayers & Love are always with you,Lanette,Marty & Jacob

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like everything is moving right along! What language will you be speaking when you return to the States? -- Richie wants to know how you say "beer"! -- Thanks for sharing!
Love, Darlene & Richie

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to hear from you-glad you arrived safely. It sounds as if Molly and Aiden are just bundles of joy and will be a great addition to your family. Be sure to give Aiden and Molly hugs and kisses from us! Thanks for keeping us posted-hope to hear from you again soon. Our prayers are with you.
Ed, Judy, & Girls

Margy, David, Sophie & Will said...

Pat and Alli and Aiden and Molly

Great to hear you are getting on so well. Heathrow for 8 hours should win you some kind of award. The travel could have worn you out but now that you are settled in one place we hope you can catch up and simply enjoy getting to know the children. Stay away from the horse sausage. We love you and are delighted this is going so well.

MOM said...

So terrific to hear from you. I cried tears of joy as I pictured you both meeting, holding, dressing, and interacting with Molly and Aidan. We love them so much already.
Daddy says "hi". He doesn't BLOG.

Aunt 'Leen & Uncle Ron said...

Dear Pat & Alli,

It's cocktail hour in Ocean City and we are "jonesing" for an update! Mom and I had a little bit of beach time today...looked at little ones and thought of all of you. We are looking forward to introducing Molly and Aidan to the joys of the beach...water, sand and water ice! We can picture you both so clearly through your messages. We are sending lots of love to you and the babies. Send news soon, please. Hugs and kisses, Ron & Eileen

Barb said...

Ali and Pat, I am so happy for you guys! It is so excitig to read about your time in your new adventure. The children are very lucky to have you guy as parents.I can't wait to meet Molly and Adain.I bet they love you already as we do!! Barb