Thursday, June 30, 2005

June 30th

We sleep in this morning and don't get out of bed until 9:30am. Pat reads while I take a shower. We grab our journals and head for the park. We sit on a bench in the shade near one of the fountains. There are several mothers/grandmothers with toddlers there. A daycare group of about 12 children ages 5-10 arrive shortly after we do. We find it difficult to write. The children are busy and entertaining. We enjoy watching them play. At 11:45am we head back to the hotel. Pat takes a shower and I have a bowl of cereal and a banana. Bob and Beth knock on our door at 12:15pm and we're off to the baby home.

We find the children inside today. Pat is off for Molly and I for Aidan. I get to his room to find him in a walker. He has been fed and dressed. We are ready to go. We arrive at the marble room and find it unlocked. Pat and Molly arrive after a few minutes. He pops her head in the doorway and then pulls her back. She thinks this is fun and is all smiles. Molly is wearing a onsie and flannel pants with bright orange fish on them. We haven't seen these before. They are pulled up WAY over her belly. She is in good spirits today. She plays with her toys and chatters away. Aidan is dressed in a mint green onsie and is wearing his favorite blue socks. I say favorite because he seems to wear them every day. We haven't seen the lime green ones with the yellow daisies in a while. He climbs on me and then spends some quality time with my necklace. He plays with his daddy. Pat flies him around over his head and he smiles away. We'd like to take the kids for a walk in their Snuglis. Pat checks the weather. Its spitting outside. Molly begins to fuss a bit. Pat loads her in her Snugli and walks her around the halls. She is very content. I stay and play with Aidan. He scoots around the floor. He can now go from laying on his belly to sitting up without any assistance. Clever boy. I'll alert the media. Pat arrives back with Molly. She looks sleepy. While still in her Snugli she puts her thumb in her mouth and closes her eyes. We unload her and I put her on my shoulder. She finds her thumb and boom she is out. This girl is all business. We switch her to Pat's shoulder so he can take her back. I think daddy wanted a chance to hold his sleeping princess. Beth holds Aidan while I pack our gear. She and Bob have been most helpful when we've needed an extra hand. We take the kids back to their rooms. Pat puts Molly in her crib and she's down for the count. I give Aidan his pacifier and lay him down in his crib. Up goes his butt. I lay him back down and pat his back. Up goes his butt. Not quite ready for a nap. I tell him mommy and daddy love him and go. Bob, Beth and I stop in the playroom area and fuss over the other children. We pat their heads, touch their cheeks and let them hold our fingers. We wish we could do more. They are well cared for and loved by their caregivers but there are so many of them. We say goodbye and meet Pat out front. We walk back to the hotel.

We drop our stuff off at the hotel. Pat exchanges some money. The rate is 134.5 TT to the dollar. Down from 136 last week. We go to the Internet cafe and have just enough time to post two Blog entries and quickly read email before we have to be back at the hotel.

Dana arrives at 5:30pm. Bob's in the mood for pizza so we go to the pizza place. Bob and I order pizza. Pat and Beth order barbeque chicken. Just ok they say. We walk Dana home. Bob and Beth stop in the park on the way home. Pat and I go to the Gros. Our supplies are low. We buy water, juice, soda, milk, yogurt, bananas, cereal, cookies, candy and Pringles. We are restocked. We get back to our room at 8:30pm. We both write in our journals. I snack on milk and cookies. To bed at 11:30pm.


richie & darlene said...

I won't be checking in on the blog this weekend ... just want to say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!! We'll be thinking of you at Kovach Korner!
Love & Best Wishes!!

MOM said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pat!!! Hope you have a great day. That must have been exciting taking Aidan and Molly for their passport pictures--they must have been in shock--getting outside of the baby home. The soccer game sounded awesome--funny that familiar names were mentioned such as Eric Lindros and Ron Hextall in Kostanai. Well take care and stay safe. Talk to you soon.

Ed, Judy and Girls