Monday, June 08, 2009

Keeping Busy

The last couple of weekends have been action packed including a visit from my niece and her family and a jaunt to Citizens Bank Park to route for the Fightin' Phils. We picnicked in the parking lot and had a really good time. Once in the ball park it took Molly 3 full innings before she was satisfied that we weren't going to pitch over the railing. Granted we were on the 300 level but nowhere near the nose bleed section. Prior to that she was glued to her seat fearing for her life. I think her Godmother can relate. All was really well when the Phanatic made an appearance in the 5th. Unfortunately, Molly will have to get used to these seats as anything field level is definitely not in the budget.

After a wet week we finally had some decent weather and took full advantage. We spent the entire day outside on Saturday. Molly and Aidan had breakfast alfresco in their PJs (Molly in a fetching Dora nightgown) and stayed that way until when we put on their bathing suits after lunch. I bought a slip and slide at Toys R Us for $9.99 and got what I paid for. I set it up and when I turned on the hose water gushed out where it should not. I patched the rip with duct tape and we were good to go. Molly and Aidan were none the wiser. Pat mowed the lawn and I explored my artistic side trimming bushes and trees while the kids played. We finished up our day outside with a BBQ.

On Sunday we attended our adoption agency's annual picnic. We've gone every year since Molly and Aidan arrived home and its always a great day. There are several family with children adopted from Kazakhstan who also attend and its so wonderful to see them and for all of the Kaz kids to get together. Molly and Aidan have been looking to having their faces painted since the last picnic and waited so patiently in the LONG line. They were thrilled with the results. The agency hires a professional photographer for the day and families can get their pictures taken at no cost. When it was our turn we quickly arranged ourselves in the usual pose and smiled away. The photographer laughed and said "I guess this isn't your first time." Hard to believe it was our 4th sitting. After the picnic wrapped up we went to see friends who live in the area (the picnic is about 1 or so from our house) and stayed for dinner. They have 3 children who were very good to Molly and Aidan. We really enjoyed seeing our friends and catching up. It makes you wonder why you don't get together more often.


Eileen said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the blog posting. Although we do get to see you often, I love looking back over the moments and memories you've shared on-line.

Molly, I know exactly how you feel about those seats at the ballpark! It always takes me awhile to open my eyes, too! I'm glad you were able to relax and have fun at the ball game.

It sounds like you had fun at the picnic, too. Two kids with painted faces. I especially liked Aidan's paint...he looks so cute.

See you soon.

Love, Aunt 'leen

Jennifer said...

Hi, Allison,

Thanks so much for the very kind words you left on my blog this morning. We still haven't decided on international or domestic, so it was great to hear that your Kaz experience was positive and that you are heading back for Round 2 - I wish you and your family much joy!

I'm adding your lovely blog (Molly and Aidan are too cute!!!) to my favorites and will look forward to reading about your journey to add Kaz Kid #3 to your family.

Thanks again and very best,