Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And We're Off

Our dossier for our second adoption from Kazakhstan is DONE. We are sending it to our agency today via FedEx overnight. The agency will give it a once over, have it translated and then its off to its first stop at the Consulate of Kazakhstan in NY. Whew. Now, more waiting. In the mean time, we're busy, busy, with the little people.

The closing program for preschool was last Tuesday. Songs, props and "diplomas" were the highlights of the day. The school offers an extended session which Molly and Aidan will attend. It started today (AM instead of PM. Will need some time to get used to that schedule) and several of their friends are in the same class as well as some new kids. They were excited to be going and should have a good time.

Daddy was away on business all of last week. It was a good week but a long week. The kids really missed Daddy (as did I). We picked him up at the airport on Friday night and greeted him with a welcome home banner. It was a joyful reunion.

We kicked off BBQ season over Memorial Day weekend with a trifecta. On Saturday we went to friends who live in a farmhouse situated on a beautiful property featuring woods, a creek, kitty cats and lots of interesting caterpillars and bugs. Sunday was a neighborhood picnic and on Monday we headed to the in-laws for a family cook out. It was a great weekend but a few too many late nights for the kids. We took it easy on Tuesday and everyone seems to have recovered from their BBQ hangovers.

There has been quite a fascination lately with death and dying. Lots of questions about who dies and when will they die. We've told Molly and Aidan that yes everyone dies. We told them after you die you go to Heaven to be with God. We stressed that someone dies when they are really, really, really, old. Not the exact truth I know but we don't want Molly and Aidan to have worry about it. So....I stopped over our neighbor Darleen's house with Molly and Aidan. Darleen's 94 year old grandmother was there for a visit. As were getting ready to leave Aidan looks at grandma and says to me "Mom she looks really, really old. Is she going to die soon?". Luckily grandma was far away enough and hard of hearing enough not to hear the question.

Molly is gearing up for her big ballet/tap recital at the end of June. Good Lord I had no idea how involved and complicated a recital can be. Hair, makeup, dress rehearsals, mad stampede to purchase show tickets, grand finale extravaganzas. I was given a 12 page document outlining all of the details. Simply mind boggling. Next year we're signing up for soccer!


Kristen said...

Best wishes for a quick translation!

keoghclan said...

Hey there. Great to see your update. Your kids look great, so healthy and grown up!!

Best of luck for quick movement with your dossier - go dossier go!!

I smiled when you talked about the dance recital - oh sista I have so been there.....ballet two year, jazz one year and then shows on ice another!! I thought I would lose my marbles!!! Have to tell you though on the night it will be lovely and you will have tears to see your little princess perform - but the build up - VERY STRESSFUL!!!

This year our Ashling opted for gymnastics, Irish dance and swimming with not a recital or show in sight - YAHOO!!

We are heading off to Kazapalooza in Nashville this weekend - should be fun. Wish you guys could be there too as we look forward to meeting lots of Kaz families.

Miss Meliss said...

Hi there, thanks so much for your encouragement for Kaz!!! I was wondering what agency you are using? I'm looking at A Helping Hand and Adoption Ark. Was wondering if you had a recommendation?

I'm SO interested in your journey!!! I hope you and I can keep in touch!