Sunday, September 30, 2007

Princess Power

Aidan has been sleeping in a toddler bed for the last 9 months. Molly in her beloved cribby. We've asked periodically if she would like a bed like Aidan's and her reply has been "No. I like my crib". Truth be told mommy and daddy weren't in any rush to set her free as she is not always cooperative at bedtime. Recently, Aunt Barbara found toddler sized Thomas sheets and a matching pillow case. I finally got around to washing and putting them on Aidan's bed. The boy was in heaven. Molly wanted to know where her new sheet were. We told her she could have princess sheets when she slept in a big girl bed. Behold the power of the Princess. Daddy couldn't get the tools out fast enough. While Daddy and Aidan worked on the crib, Mommy and Molly (decked out in her princess skirt, tiara, jewels and purse) went in search of princess sheets. Three stores later we hit the mother load and headed home with our booty. We put her to bed that night and she promptly requested to have her crib back. We told her that she sleeps in a bed now. She was okay with that and we got her settled in. We left her room and waited anxiously downstairs. Not a peep from the little princess and she's been sleeping in her bed ever since. She only fell out once and didn't wake from the fall or from being put back in her bed. She's still less than cooperative about going to bed but once she's tucked in she sleeps like a champ. We're proud of you big girl.

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Susan said...

What a princess. Well, I wish that had worked for my son. I guess I am too big of a softie. He is 9 years old, YES, 9 YEARS OLD, in 4th grade, and still won't sleep in his own bed all night. He sleeps with mom and dad. We even let him pick out his own bed. Bunk beds with a SLIDE. He is now too old for that, so we are repainting his room and he picked 2 orange walls for the Cincinatti Bengals football team that he loves. He got Bengals bedding, and curtains. He says he will now sleep in his room. I don't buy it.

He used to love Thomas the Tank. I have every single video memorized.

Maybe that is why I am asking for baby Kaz to be a girl. I want some princess, no more train and Bengals stuff. :)

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :)