Monday, September 03, 2007

Mutiny On The Potty Revisited

If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have told you that Molly and Aidan we're fully potty trained with the exception of nap time and overnight. We still use a pull up at these time because the kids don't have access to the potty. Aidan is usually dry after a nap and many mornings he is also dry. We were cruising. We spent two weeks traveling to Virgina and Canada. The kids did really well in the car and used the "big" potty where ever we were.

It all started at my sisters house. Molly and Aidan were outside on the deck while we watched them through the sliding glass doors from the kitchen. For whatever reason they were in their underwear (not an unusual occurrence). Aidan suddenly begins to dance and run in circles. I leap out of my chair, threw open the door and ran outside. Too late. This was the first time since we started potty training at the beginning of March that the boy p*oo*ped his pants. Accidents happen. Don't worry my sister and I tell him as we hose him off and clean up the mess. You'll make it next time. No big deal.

We decided before the trip to Barb's that this would be a good time to put the little potties away. Molly and Aidan arrive home to find their potties gone. We use the big potty now we tell them. Doesn't seem to be a big deal. We head off to Canada. Again both kids do well using the toilet. Aidan po*ops in his pull up after we put him to bed. This hasn't happened in a while. The day before we leave he hides in another room and po*ops his pants again. Luckily it is contained in his drawers. This time I'm a little firmer in my reminder that we don't go in our pants.

We get home and there are now many requests for the return of "my little potty". No we say. You're big kids now and can use the big potty. Aidan po*ops in his pull up one day and his pants the next. We were not so luck this time and have a mess to clean on the rug. Even firmer this time in our reminders that we don't go in our underpants. The next day we head to my in-laws to celebrate my FIL's birthday. Yep, you guessed it. Aidan sneaked off into the guest bedroom, p*oo*ped his pants and left a mess on the rug. Needless to say there was a lot of crying (mommy and Aidan) this time. Just to make things interesting and in an effort not to miss out on mom and dad's attention, Molly suddenly cannot hold her bladder. We're not talking a little wet either. Good Lord. She peed twice in her car seat (don't worry Kristen you can wash the cover). The second time she did it was on our way to the park. She had gone before we left the house. We didn't allow her to play at the park and she was one unhappy little girl.

We were in trouble folks and needed to bring in the big guns. No TV in the house or in the car for little girls and boys who pee and po*op in their underwear. Aidan decided to be on the safe side and not po*op at all. Nothing for two days (unusual for him). I was debating whether or not to get out the little potties but decided against it. Finally the boy tells me "mama I have to go stinkies" and he does. He has done so for the last few days and we're hoping that we weathered the storm. Molly decided she can't live without her beloved Backyardigans and has been dry as a bone. She will go to the bathroom and wash her hands all by herself. Of course, she has to close the door all but a crack because "I need some privacy" as she is fond of saying. Ah, the never ending joys of parenthood.

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Jane-Jane said...

my friend that has of her boys decided that he didn't need to go poop in the potty...then he changed his mind when he had to clean his underpants up....he is a germ-a-phobe like his mommy. Amazing what makes them get it!