Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ready for Spring

The weather has been unseasonably cold and rainy. Despite our best efforts to get the kids out and about it was a LONG week.

Last Saturday our church held an Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny arrived on a fire engine with sirens blaring. The hunt for eggs went well and a ton of candy was procured. All was topped off with family photo with the Easter Bunny. Molly and Aidan had a great time even though it felt more like January than April.

Easter Sunday was also very nice. We got the kids up earlier than usual so that we could avoid the crazy crowds at the 10:00 Mass. Molly and Aidan were good as gold. We gave them their baskets after church and several chocolate bunnies were quickly devoured. We drove to Pat's cousin's house in NJ for Easter dinner. They have a 2 year old daughter so we didn't have to bring toys. We barely saw Molly and Aidan as they were having such fun with their cousins. Holidays are much easier these days. We don't have to bring the gear we used to. This trip all we brought were there pajamas and blankies. So nice :-)

We had a hard time this week putting the kids to bed. There was a lot more unhappiness than usual and we felt like we were performing in a three ring circus. Molly has a list of requests...I'm thirsty, change me my diaper is wet, I need to go potty, I don't like this book in my crib (take out book), I NEED that book in my crib (put book back in crib), I didn't kiss Aidan (reminder her that she kissed him on the head, now she needs to kiss him on the lips), etc. The list is growing longer and more creative. We can't just ignore her because she'll just keep whining/crying if you don't at least go into her room (1 1/2 hour one night). When we go into her room we don't give her what she wants, we don't stay long, and we tell her firmly that it's time to go to sleep and tell her that we love her. After 5 or 6 trips she settles down and goes to sleep.

Aidan on the other had will try and come up with things to keep you in his room. Read me another book, rub my back, let me close the door when mommy/daddy leaves the room (then try to escape into the hall or play with the door knobs). Once you make it out the door you're good. He doesn't fall asleep right away but is content to play in his bed until he doses off. Sometimes he poops in his diaper before drifting off and we have to wake him up to change him when we check on him before we go to bed. Luckily he is half asleep through it all and goes back to bed without a peep. Bedtime this week has been stressful for mom and dad. We're hoping this too, like other things, shall pass.


Rob and Jennifer said...

Your fellow Country Man was experiencing the same bedtime funck...Andrew would just not go to bed. We tried everything we elarned some SuperNannay and Nanny 911 to no avail. I'll chalk it up to Kazak TeleKinetic powers.

dkeogh said...

I just love looking at photos of Molly and Aiden. They are in a word - snuggable!! One of the days this week Orin was - shall we say a weasel and I thought to myself.....OMG how do you handle two of them the same age!! The picture of the 2 of them in their easter outfits is gorgeous. They look so different but are both beautiful!

The Keogh's in TO

PS I hear you about the weather, other parts of Ontario are due 20 cms of the white stuff today - YEUCK, YEUCK!!

The Weinmeisters said...

Your babies are so beautiful!! Thanks for the post on our blog site- I'm really looking forward to reading yours and hearing another "real life" account of a Kaz. adoption!