Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 28th

We set the alarm for 8:30am. Pat gets up to do some laundry and I write in my journal. We go to the Internet cafe at 10:00am and both post an entry to the Blog. On the way back to the hotel we discuss the heat and me not feeling well. Pat suggests we take the bus to the baby home and I agree. Pat consults with Bob and Beth when we get back and they also vote for taking the bus. Pat returns from their room with an electric tea pot and makes me a cup of tea. We're out of milk so he runs to the Gros for more. He stops at the hotel floor desk and gets a few cubes of sugar. Do I have a great husband or what? We shower and get ready to go to the baby home.

We arrive at the baby home and Pat goes for Molly. Bob, Beth and I go for the boys. It's very hot out and the children are inside. Nicholas is being fed. I look around and see no sign of Aidan. The caregiver indicates that he is not in the room. We will go to find him when she is finished feeding Nicholas. She hands Nicholas to Bob when she's done and motions for me to follow. We end up in the area of the infirmary. The caregiver gets the head nurse and they have a conversation. I hear Olesya's name. The caregiver leaves to find Olesya. She does not return after several minutes. I start to worry and go to the marble room to find Pat. I explain what's going on. My heart is pounding and my mind is racing. This is a situation where the language barrier is more than an inconvenience. I go back to the infirmary. Olesya has been found. She tells me that Aidan and three other boys from his room have diarrhea and are in the infirmary to receive treatment. This includes medication and fluids. We will not see him today. I am relieved by the diagnosis but disappointed that we won't be able to see him. He is in capable hands. I make my way back to the marble room and share the news with Pat, Bob and Beth. Everyone is relieved. Molly, on the other hand, is ecstatic. She will be playing the part of an only child today. Molly is dressed in yellow terry cloth shorts and socks and that's it. She is going topless. This is apparently the uniform of the day as all of the other children in her room were dressed similarly. Her eyes look much better today. Molly is in good spirits. She creeps around when the mood strikes her and plays happily with her toys. We brought a bottle with watered down apple juice for her. I give her the bottle and she is happy until the juice is gone. She wails when I take the bottle away. Olesya joins us. She has requested a change in Aidan's treatment schedule so we will be able to see him tomorrow. We will pick him up from the infirmary for our visit. I fly molly around the room and everyone tickles her belly. Her laughter fills the room. We pack up at 2:30pm and take the kids back to their rooms. Mama Bibigoul has us put Molly in the group playpen. It is snack time for the children - sour milk and a cookie. Molly begins to cry and Mama Bibigoul immediately scoops her up. The princess is happy again. Now everyone, please remember that Molly was spoiled BEFORE we even came on the scene. Therefore, we cannot be held fully accountable. We meet the others out front. Andre is waiting to drive Olesya home. We take the bus back to the hotel. Pat and I go to the Internet cafe for the second time. We read and reply to email.

Dana arrives at 5:30pm. We head to the mall to find a new cable for Bob's DVD player. Bob finds what he needs and the price is right to boot. After the mall, we walk to the pancake place for dinner. We're giving it another go. The first time we were there it was very good. The second time it was lousy. Well, it's 3 strikes and you're out. The food is OK but the service is bad. Another restaruant off the list- this makes the third one. Luckily there are so many good ones to choose from. We walk Dana 3/4 of the way home. My stomach is not feeling that great again.

We get back to the hotel and try to watch a movie. No go. The cable fits but something is still wrong. Pat and I go back to our room and read. We turn in at 12:30pm.

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