Monday, July 11, 2005

July 11th

Bob knocks at 8:00am and he and Pat are off to the gym. I'm behind in my journal again and have two days to cover. Pat returns from the gym as I finish up. After going down 5 games, Pat rebounded to end the day 5-5. The summer series now stands at 62-51 Bob. We eat breakfast and watch video of Aidan and Molly from the day before. We have exellent footage of a brother-sister wrestling match. Aidan scored first on the take down but Molly gets the reversal and extra points because Aidan began to cry. He has much to learn. We shower and are ready when Bob and Beth arrive at 12:15pm.

The day is sunny with a light breeze and we enjoy another pleasant walk to the baby home. We see one of our new friends along the way. "Papa" is waiting for us in front of his house. He shakes hands with Pat and Bob and gives them a hug. He waves at Beth and me and clasps his hands. We arrive at the baby home to find the kids outside. I go for Molly. She is ready and waiting for me in the group playpen. I pick her up and head out the door. Pat is on his way to get me. Olesya met them in the boys room. We are to meet with Dr. Irina (the head doctor and director of the baby home) to present her with our monetary gift to the baby home. The gift will be used for something they are in need of. I reluctantly put Molly back in the playpen. I'm afraid this will be confusing for her but have no other choice. She stares at me as I go. We meet with Dr. Irina in her office. We present her with our gifts and Pat speaks on behalf of us all. He thanks Dr. Irina for taking such good care of our children, asks God to bless her and her staff, promises that we will tell the children about the baby home and says perhaps we'll come back some day to visit. It is a heartfelt and touching moment. Dr. Irina hugs Pat and says thank you.

We return for the kids and see Molly buck naked ouside of her room. She is having a quick wash. Mama Bibigoul (bee-bee-gool) places her on the changing table and I diaper and dress her. Zhanat, Cate's translator, is also in the room. She tells me that Molly was upset after I left. I don't ask her to elaborate but I feel terrible. Poor girl. I vow to fuss over her more than usual for the remainder of the visit. We make our way to the marble room. Bob, Beth and Nicholas are already there. Big news, they have been entrusted with the key. Until now the key has only been given to Olesya or one of the caregivers. Bob and Beth take Nicholas outside for a walk. Molly and Aidan are in good spirits today. We have found a few tickle spots on them both and melt when they smile and giggle. Aidan explores and Molly plays with her toys. We lay her on her belly and move all of the toys out of her reach to encourage her to creep. She looks confused. I decide that it's too much trauma given the earlier incident and pile the toys around her. Our visit is over much too quickly. It has been increasingly difficult to leave the kids. We know in our minds that it's just for a short while longer but our hearts feel differently. We meet out front and catch the bus home with Olesya. We make arrangements to go to dinner with her on Tuesday night. We will see Dana again either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Bob and Beth go to the park and Pat and I to the Internet Cafe. We each post on entry to the Blog and are current with our postings once again. After checking email we head back to the hotel shortly before 6:00pm to get Bob and Beth for dinner.

We opt for the Russian Pub again this evening. Not only do we like the food but the Russian and English menus correspond. Not so for the menus at the Dom. Pat writes down our selections and Bob rings the bell to call the waitress. Several of the entrees we want are not available nor are the alternatives we've selected. The waitress is patient and we're all able to find something we like. We also order bread and butter - no small matter when you see the tongue-twister for bread. The waitress asks a question and we don't understand. She motions for the phrase book I have in my hand and looks in the Russian dictionary found in the back of the book. She points to a word - white. Now we know. She was asking if we would like white or brown bread. We usually get both but white is fine tonight. We enjoy another excellent meal. We decide to go for a walk afterwards and stroll around town for about 45 minutes. We stop at the Gros on the way back to the hotel. We purchase tissues, water, milk, cereal and ice cream bars. Pat falls asleep on the couch and I read for awhile before dozing off. Pat wakes me for an ice cream bar and writes in his journal. Lights out at midnight.

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