Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow Angels

Saturday brought a little over three inches of snow and Molly and Aidan were in Heaven. They dashed out the door as soon as they saw the first flake and began running around the yard laughing and shrieking. Talk about your happy campers. After church on Sunday we bundled them up and they were off making snow angels, snow balls, rolling down the hill in our front yard and making a tiny snowman with Daddy. The snowman looked quite festive until Aidan ate his carrot nose and raisin mouth and buttons. Molly managed to eat several snow balls. One of her favorite wintertime activities. I smiled when I got out of bed this morning and looked out of the window to see Molly and Aidan's foot prints winding here, there and every where. Hopefully there will still be some snow to enjoy when they get home from school this afternoon.

Our dossier is still at the MOE. We discussed options for region assignment with our program coordinator and all include more waiting. With so many waiting families (from our agency and others) and fewer children available time to travel is getting stretched out further and further. At this point we're looking at a 4-6 month time frame. This means we'll be faced with the dreaded dossier redo. SIGH. I'm hoping we'll be surprised but prepared for more waiting. I'll keep praying. You never know. In the mean time we have our Molly and Aidan to fill our hearts and keep us busy. For that we are ever thankful.


D and A said...

Hi Alli - been wondering what's going on with your process. Things are definitely slowing down. However - your kids are still adorable! Enjoy the holidays, and hopefully you'll at least hear about a region soon.

Eileen said...

Loving your snow angels and snowman. It looks like M & A enjoyed themselves immensely in that little bit of snow. We're looking forward to seeing you again, soon.

Love, Aunt 'leen

Hollywood617 said...

my husband and I are in the process of selecting an adoption agency for KAZ; I came across your blog and since you have adopted multiple children and are hoping for another I was wondering if you had any good agency advice? Who did you use? Any information that you have would be super helpful!
Thanks so much.