Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's A Big Girl Now

(sob, sob)

Our Molly Claire is 5 today. She is a delightful little girl who is full of life. Molly is kind and thoughtful, sweet and caring and has a great, great laugh that we never tire of hearing. She is happy, bright, creative and outgoing. Molly is a Blessing to us. We are so lucky that she is ours. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.


Eileen said...

She really is a Blessing for you and for some many others. Thanks for sharing your beautiful, joyful, funny little girl with us.

Love, Uncle Ron and Aunt 'leen

Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Molly!!

Jennifer said...

What a beauty!

keoghclan said...

Molly is a dote! So so cute. I love to see the photos of her growing up. You can see her personality just shine through.

Happy 5th birthday big girl!!

3D said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Keep smilin!