Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Year in Review 2008

Yikes! I was shocked to see that I only posted 4 times in 2008. I knew time was flying but that is just crazy. Below is the letter Pat wrote and we sent with our christmas card. Also included are a few recent photos. I hope I will do a better job of blogging in 2009.

Family and Friends,

What a year we have had! Home improvement and family matters dominated the landscape in 2008. Through all and throughout, Molly and Aidan, our reason for every season, continued to grow and to learn about themselves and the world around them: probing, pushing, testing, and bringing Mom and Dad equal measures of surprise, bedevilment and delight. Some blessings from this year nearly passed:

We had our home built six years ago and never thought four bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 3500 square feet of living space might one day be too small. Who knew we’d have two toddlers one day, much less how much stuff they can accumulate and how much room they need? So we began 2008 by having a substantial portion of our basement finished for living space, most of which is “Kidland” for now. The kids love the space, with room for play and crafts, Aidan’s trains and Molly’s kitchen, and Mom enjoys having some place the kids can be other than underfoot at every minute.

This summer was a wonderful collection of family get-togethers and celebrations. First, we spent the July 4th Weekend at Lake Canandaigua with the extended Reed and Reed-Hudson families. We stayed in a little B&B with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charlie. The weather was good, the company and fireworks were great.

August began with cousin Sara Dwyer’s wedding on the first. Nearly one hundred family and friends from across the continent celebrated Mom and Dad Donohoe’s 50th wedding anniversary on the 10th: Laughs and tears flowed freely and a tableau of memories and recollections formed a fitting tribute to exceptional love and commitment. The family made the trek to Schnecksville on the 23rd for Dad Donohoe’s 75th birthday party. Finally, we spent Labor Day weekend with our Canadian family, the Petrachenko clan.

Molly and Aidan started pre-school in September! So far, so good: They love it. Coincidentally, we began the process of adopting a third child in September too. We are working with a new agency but plan to return to Kazakhstan and to Baby Home Delfin in Kostanai, from where we adopted Molly and Aidan. Molly would like a baby sister, Aidan a baby brother. In a moment of four-year old wisdom, Aidan suggested one of each, to be named – naturally – Molly and Aidan.

The kids turned 4 in October. We spent Thanksgiving with Barb and Charlie in Virginia and made a train trip into DC for “Black Friday” at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Molly is a study of emotion in bold relief. She’s sweet and kind and affectionate; she’s loud and boisterous and full of life, with a great sense of humor and a genuine, infectious laugh. She loves arts and crafts, particularly anything to do with glue and/or tape. Her new passions are dance and frequent costume changes and she aspires to a career as a princess or fairy.

Aidan is bright and creative, imaginative and outgoing. He is curious and observant: He wants to know how things work and why things are done. His new favorite word is actually, which is followed typically by a frighteningly accurate recounting of the earlier how’s and why’s. He continues to provide hilarious and engaging commentary on the events of his life whether or not anyone’s listening.

So here we are: Christmastime has come again. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years. May God continue to bless us one and all.

With love,

Pat, Alli, Molly and Aidan


Eileen said...

Thanks for updating the blog and including the beautiful pictures. I especially like Aidan in the tree and Molly's close-up!

Lots of love, Aunt 'leen

Casey said...

Love the pics, especially Molly in her tutu!
Love to all,