Friday, May 23, 2008

Aidan's Artwork

Aidan is really branching out with his drawing. For a while it was trains, trains and not much else but trains. Here are a few of his latest works with some commentary from mom.

Rocket ships and bunny

Aidan waiting for an apple to fall from an apple tree into his bucket. Black clouds threaten.

Variation on a theme

Map to undisclosed location (signed by the artist)

Green house in watercolor

Happy family in our house. Pictured from left to right...Mo, Pop Pop, Mommy, Aidan, Molly and Daddy (we're holding hands).


Eileen said...

I loved the new post!! Aidan's artwork is really amazing. I think the picture of the happy family really captures the essence of Chez Donohoe.

Aunt 'leen

jeneflower said...

Nice pics! I recently learned that you can get your childs artwork evaluated for development level. It is so interesting what they can learn from your childs pics.