Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gotcha Day Anniversary

On August 8, 2005 we walked through the gates of the Delphin baby home in Kostanai, Kazakhstan with Molly and Aidan strapped to our chests in their Snugglies ready to begin our new lives together as a family. Bob, Beth and Nicholas were by our sides. We were fortunate to have run into an other adoptive family who was able to record the unforgettable moment for us. That was the day our real journey began and it has been one amazing ride. Our overwhelming love for Molly and Aidan grows and grows. We still look at their sweet little faces and cannot believe how blessed we are.

In celebration of the occasion, Beth, Nicholas, Molly, Aidan and I spent the day together. The kids enjoyed a day of playing and swimming at our house and got along famously with only a few minor poking incidents. Aidan referred to Nicholas as "that other guy" and his buddy. Molly called Nicholas her brother. Pat and Bob joined us after work for Chinese. We watched the video of our last few days in Kostanai which included the memorable moment I wrote about above. It was a GREAT day. Our family grew in Kostanai not to 4 but to 7 as we've also added Bob, Beth and Nicholas. More blessings. We are truly thankful.

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Alice said...

Alli & Pat,
Hard to believe two years has passed. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy watching Molly & Aiden grow through your blog. Hugs & Kisses. --AL