Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Visit From Aunt Barbara

My sister Barbara arrived on Monday for one of her somewhat regularly scheduled visits. We were all thrilled to see her (and the delicious chocolate chip cookies that she always brings). Uncle Charlie packed a surprise for Molly and Aidan in Barbara's Jeep-a crab shaped sand box. Needless to say, they loved it and have spent many hours happily digging.

It's so great to have Barb here. Not only is she good company but also a much welcomed extra pair of hands. And she cuts our hair to boot. This trip I received an extra special treat...a day off :-) I got up on Tuesday morning and enjoyed my coffee while Barb got the kids dressed and ready for the day. I left the house as she was making them breakfast and didn't return home until dinner time. I went to the gym, met my husband for lunch, shopped and had a pedicure. What a day! I felt refreshed. Barb, Molly and Aidan had a great day. What more could you ask for? It was my turn to put Molly to bed that night. Molly said to me "Barbara said no it's too hot. I said I need that Barbara." What?? When I got down stairs I asked Barb about this. She told me that when she put Molly down for her nap she (Barb) was sweating from getting the kids upstairs. Barb covered Molly with her fleece blanket but she also wanted her quilt. Barb told Molly it was too hot for the quilt. Molly carefully placed this in her memory bank and relayed it to me later that night. Barb also said that she tried to give the kids milk with their lunch and they refused to drink it saying "Oh no Barbara milk is for night time. We drink water with lunch." So water it was. And finally, as we sat around the table laughing at these things we heard Aidan from his bedroom saying "See Barbara I'm not touching Thomas, I'm only looking." He was referring to his new Thomas nightlight that she plugged in at nap time and reminded him not to touch. Beware, they are listening/watching everything!

Aunt Barbara left this morning despite many protests and sad faces (including mine) but we'll see her again soon. Thanks so much for everything. We planning on visiting her (and Uncle Charlie) sometime in August.

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Susie said...

Where are the pictures of Aunt Barbara? Would love to see her!