Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

We had a family wedding last weekend in South Jersey. My sister and BIL came up from VA to babysit. A trip that usually takes them 4 1/2 hours ended up taking 9 1/2 hours due to several Interstate highways being closed for weather related conditions. They stopped along the way to pick up my niece and arrived safe and sound at 10:30PM. My BIL was happy as he was just in time for the Laker's tip-off. Pat and I left for the wedding the next morning. This was the first time both of us would be away overnight. Molly and Aidan waved to us over their shoulders as they headed out to the toy store with their entourage. This after having had chocolate chip cookies with their breakfast. We were not going to be missed!! The wedding was terrific and Pat and I enjoyed some time together as a couple. The kids were good as gold while we were away and made out like bandits at the toy store. Thank you Aunt Bar-buh (and Uncle Charlie).

My BIL drove back to VA (that whole gotta work thing) and my sister stayed for the week. Unfortunately she pickup up a stomach bug and then a nasty cold and wasn't feeling well all week. She was a trooper and never failed to respond to a request of "sing Aunt Bar-buh". We did get out and about a bit during the week including toddler story time at the public library. The kids were glad to have her around. When she wasn't feeling better by Friday I convinced her to go the our local Emergicare center. Turns our she had bronchitis and after she was given a "magic shot" and several prescriptions she was on the road to recovery.

Saturday was my birthday. I also received the honor of being inducted into the Hall Of Athletes at my Almamater, LaSalle University. What a day!! The festivities included a Men's Basketball game on campus followed by a reception. The inductees (there were 4 of us) were introduced at halftime of the basketball game. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who came to support me. Family, friends, teammates and neighbors traveled from near and far. More than 30 in total. The reception was top notch. Good food and adult beverages. The inductees were introduced and we each made some remarks. The event was well done. Afterwards the troops trekked back up the PA turnpike to our house to continue the celebration. My husband had planned everything and did a great job. He also surprised me with a framed LaSalle jersey with my #42 on it. It was also my 42nd birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

In kiddie news....When Molly gets aggressive with Aidan he moves several feet from her, puts his hands on his hips and says "Go ahead Molly push me down". This tactic was successful the first several times as Molly stared at him with a puzzled look on her face. However, the boy is going to need some new material. I saw him try it today and Molly said "okay" and began to chase him. He ran in terror saying "no no, no don't knock me down!!". It was good while it lasted. I had a proud moment today. I had just filled Molly and Aidan's cups with ice and was at the sink filling them with water. There was a buzz around the fridge and I turned to see Molly and Aidan licking the floor trying to pick up tiny pieces of ice with their mouths.

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