Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Preparations

Unlike last year, Molly and Aidan have been enthusiastic participants in our Christmas preparations. They've anxiously explored box after box of Christmas treasures and helped us decorate the tree. I know it's still early but they've been good about touching things gently or leaving things alone when we ask. The two exceptions have been the ornaments on the tree and the gift wrapped boxes (which are empty and for display only) and who can blame them. We put a gate across the doorway into the room where the tree is and placed the boxes up a little higher. We've designated the sofa table as Molly and Aidan's and they are able to touch and play with whatever is on there. They also have a Little People Nativity (given to them by our friends Nick and Virg from Welland, Ontario) which they like to play with. The baby Jesus was missing for a few days but luckily was found in between the sofa cushions. Any figure from the Nativity can be seen atop the Creche; one of the wisemen, Mary, Joseph, a camel...whatever. With our decorating complete, I'll be moving on to baking cookies. We also need to get our Christmas cards out but we'll be happy as long as they're in the mail by the 24th. You always get a few cards after Christmas.

Aidan has taken a real shining to a plush Rudolph toy and has been carrying him around the house. Rudolph has also be seen tooling around in the back of Aidan's dump truck. He is not really a stuffed animal kids so this attachment is a wonder to us. Molly has had a few issues with some of our decorations. Our closet has a growing collection of things she is afraid of including two plush Santas, a stuffed Opus (for those of you who remember Calvin and Hobbs), and a plush Grinch in a Santa suit. I hope this is it because we're running out of space. Poor little girl!!

On Saturday we took the kids to Jim Thorpe, PA. Jim Thorpe, formerly Mauch Chunk, is a small picturesque Pennsylvania town with a fascinating history. Established in a wilderness on the banks of the Lehigh River in 1818, Mauch Chunk became a bustling coal transportation center, tourist Mecca, and the esteemed seat of Carbon County by the middle of the 19th century. It's only 45 minutes from our house and a really cool place. One of the highlights of the day was the H.O. train display. The display is 47 ft. x 12 ft. and features 13 mainlines measuring 1087 sq. ft. of track, over 200 structures, 100 bridges, and trestles, moving autos, a burning building, old fashioned football stadium, and more. Some engines pull more than 50 railroad cars. Aidan was in heaven. They had a nice supply of candy canes so Molly was happy too!

All in all we're in pretty good shape for the upcoming holidays. We've taken a low stress approach and are getting done what time allows. This has been a good plan as we've really been enjoying getting ready for Christmas.


Muriel Elrod said...

Your children are soo cute. What region did you travel to? How long was your trip or trips?

Pat & Alli said...

Muriel, We traveled to the Kostanai region and our kids are from the Delphin baby home in Kostania city. We opted for one trip and were in Kaz for a total of 9 1/2 weeks. I think this is somewhat longer than usual but you really never can tell. The stay was long but we had a terrific time. I know the wait seems unbearable but you have so much to look forward to. Good luck.