Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What's New with the Donohoes?

Well, we're glad you asked. It's hard to believe but we've been home for 9 months. Molly and Aidan are terrific and we've settled into a wonderful family way of life. Both kids are happy, curious, ACTIVE toddlers. They are amazing to us and our hearts are filled with love. We're still figuring out the whole parenting thing but none of us seem any the worse for wear. We've been inspired to return to blogging and plan on posting weekly updates.

Molly is a sweet, giving child and a definite character. She is usually the peacemaker in disputes with her brother (unless he tries to covet her favorite blanket). That's not to say that she doesn't still like to hit him upside his head on occassion but these situations are usually desereved on his part. We don't allow it of course but we do see her point. Molly wakes up in the morning dancing and she goes at it all day long. Her rendition of "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" is not to be missed. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is quick to laugh and is ticklish just about everywhere. She is a bright child who loves to "read". She is the more verbal of the two and has a distinguishable vocabulary of a dozen words or so that is growing daily. Molly loves her daddy and would prefer to be in his arms dancing to most other activites (eating NOT included!!) She has overcome her fear of dogs and now runs up to kiss even large ones. She has also overcome her fear of most men in the neighborhood which is more than I can say!! We love her so.

Aidan is a snuggly boy who's gears are always turning. He is extremely inquisitive and I believe he could make me coffee in the morning if allowed. He is bright, persistent and has a fantastic memory. We lovingly refer to him as "Bill Nye the Science Guy". Mealtime most often resembles a science experiment...what happens if I dump my plate?...how do green beans taste when pulverized?...how many times must I throw my cup on the floor before my parents' heads explode?...what foods look best in my hair? Aidan is an outgoing boy with a sweet, sweet smile. He is a mama's boy without a doubt. He has a full agenda and is busy about it day long. One of his favorite activities is to "clean". He has a toy mop, broom, and dust buster (although he prefers the real things) and is the model of cleanliness. He runs the real vaccum while his sister runs from it. We traveled 1/2 way around the world to find a boy who is just like his daddy. Nothing wrong with a little healthy OCD. We love him so.

Mom and dad are adjusting to life with two toddlers. Quite different than BMA (before Molly and Aidan). We maintain our sense of humor, pray daily for patience and keep the fridge well stocked with adult beverages. And keep in mind, these are good kids! We enjoy taking the kids out and about and are glad that the warm weather has arrived. It has been amazing to see them grow, develop and thrive. We try to appreciate what each day brings because they are flying by so fast. Molly and Aidan bring us great joy. We are truly blessed. Tune in for more exciting episodes of the Molly and Aidan show.


Aunt 'Leen and Uncle Ron said...

Dear PAMA,

We are so glad to see the blog in return. Not that we don't have the chance to catch up with you in person, but it will be nice to see the chronicles of Molly and Aidan continue. You are both such entertaining authors I know we are looking forward to the pleasure of reading future installments.

Hugs and kisses to all chez Donohoe!

Aunt 'Leen and Uncle Ron

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