Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I was taking a trip down memory lane and peeking at some international adoption blogs I used to follow.  Like this Blog, many of them have most recent posts dated from several years ago. I found myself wondering about these families and what they were up to now. When we were in the throws of our adoption and when we were just home I joyfully followed other's journeys. With that in mind I thought I'd write a quick post to update things on our end just in case anyone out there was feeling like me.

In just a few months, Molly and Aidan will be 12. We have middle schoolers people. Unbelievable really. Life here is very good, and busy. Molly plays soccer, basketball and dances. She still LOVES to craft and had developed a passion for baking as a result of our obsession with Cupcake Wars. She loves to decorate and redecorate her room. She is a DIY project enthusiast. Molly is a kind and caring, social young lady. She loves making silly videos and has a wonderful sense of humor. She adores her hamster, Sparkle. Molly is a terrific young lady (tween behaviors aside).

Aidan is a boy scout and went to his first full week of sleep away camp sans mom or dad. Mom fretted at home while he had an absolute blast. Swimming, rock climbing, canoeing, bike riding, skits, campfires, archery, and a rifle range were among the highlights. He ate, slept and showered without a single instruction from me! He is ready to go again next year. Aidan is passionate about computer and video games. He attended a camp this summer to learn Java programming. Aidan LOVES to read and is rarely seen without a book. He sleeps with at least 1/2 dozen in his bed. He is a really neat kid.

We had a great summer and vacationed in Ocean City NJ and Disney World. It's going to be rough getting back into a routine. And the middle school bus arrives an hour and 15 minutes earlier than the elementary bus. Wish us luck :)

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