Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I was taking a trip down memory lane and peeking at some international adoption blogs I used to follow.  Like this Blog, many of them have most recent posts dated from several years ago. I found myself wondering about these families and what they were up to now. When we were in the throws of our adoption and when we were just home I joyfully followed other's journeys. With that in mind I thought I'd write a quick post to update things on our end just in case anyone out there was feeling like me.

In just a few months, Molly and Aidan will be 12. We have middle schoolers people. Unbelievable really. Life here is very good, and busy. Molly plays soccer, basketball and dances. She still LOVES to craft and had developed a passion for baking as a result of our obsession with Cupcake Wars. She loves to decorate and redecorate her room. She is a DIY project enthusiast. Molly is a kind and caring, social young lady. She loves making silly videos and has a wonderful sense of humor. She adores her hamster, Sparkle. Molly is a terrific young lady (tween behaviors aside).

Aidan is a boy scout and went to his first full week of sleep away camp sans mom or dad. Mom fretted at home while he had an absolute blast. Swimming, rock climbing, canoeing, bike riding, skits, campfires, archery, and a rifle range were among the highlights. He ate, slept and showered without a single instruction from me! He is ready to go again next year. Aidan is passionate about computer and video games. He attended a camp this summer to learn Java programming. Aidan LOVES to read and is rarely seen without a book. He sleeps with at least 1/2 dozen in his bed. He is a really neat kid.

We had a great summer and vacationed in Ocean City NJ and Disney World. It's going to be rough getting back into a routine. And the middle school bus arrives an hour and 15 minutes earlier than the elementary bus. Wish us luck :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Adventure Continues

My beloved Blog is neglected I know. With Facebook and an iPhone I can quickly share with family and friends the happenings in our lives. I would like to post a brief update so that people who have followed this blog in days gone by can see how we're doing. I still read many blogs and occasionally leave a comment so it might be nice to have something more up to date if someone stops by.
In August 2013 we celebrated our 8th (yes 8th!!!!) Gotcha Day. Molly and Aidan started 3rd grade in September. Both play soccer. Molly takes dance (hip hop) and Aidan is in scouts. Last April they both made their First Holy Communion. We're looking forward to traveling to Florida in November for my niece's wedding.
Molly is a sweet and thoughtful girl. She loves arts & crafts and is quite creative. She especially likes to make things for others. She works hard in school and has made great progress each year. Molly is VERY silly and has a terrific laugh. I won't be surprised to perhaps see her on SNL one day. Molly also loves to write and illustrate her own stories. I love to read them and have accumulated quite a collection.
Aidan is a bright and busy boy. He loves reading and devours books with great enthusiasm. He is a gamer (of course) and enjoys a variety of games. Minecraft is his current passion. I like to play as well! Aidan does very well in school. He is in the enrichment program at school and takes math at the next grade level. "Exhibiting self control" continues to be an area needing improvement. Aidan is a sweet boy. Not too big yet for hugs and kisses :)
I am very well indeed. It has been nearly 3 1/2 years since my cancer diagnosis and I remain cancer free. I just graduated from every 3 month check ups to every 6. Whoo hoo! I've recently rejoined the work force. I am on the sub list for our school district. I survived my first assignment at the middle school.
I will leave off with some recent pictures :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Living The Good Life

We are here....we are here...we are here!!! And we are all well. Molly and Aidan are 7 and life is good. More than good really. I would say GREAT. It has been 2 years since my diagnosis and I continue to get a clean bill of health at my regularly scheduled appointments. I'm participating in a clinical trial and will be closely monitored for 3 more years and that is fine with me. Molly and Aidan completed 1st grade in June and both had a fabulous year. Aidan was a Tiger Cub and played baseball. Molly was a Daisy scout and played basketball (YES!) and soccer. The summer is flying by as usual. We've been to Chapel Hill, NC, Canandaguia, NY, and Welland Ontario so far and will be headed to Florida and Ocean City, NJ in August to finish up the fun. Throw in swimming at the pool, trips to the local amusement park/waterpark, a couple of camps and BANG there goes the summer. Like I said...living the good life.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Return of My Hair and Other Things

Life is grand. I am healthly, wealthy and wise. Well, at least I'm healthy. I completed my last chemo treatment at the beginning of November. Recovery from this round was a bit tougher as I was told to expect but not too bad in the big scheme of things. My wonderful sister in law Sue came up from Florida to take care of us. It was a HUGE help and now thankfully I am done with chemo. I had my first follow up with the doctor and everything looks great. Praise God!

I celebrated the end of my treatments with a trip to China (yes, China!). I had an opportunity to go with my dear friend Mary and my terrific husband kindly offered to take a week off from work to stay with Molly and Aidan. The trip was amazing. We saw the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall and did some great shopping in Beijing. We visited the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum in Xi'an and enjoyed the beautiful modern city of Shanghai. And these are just a few of the highlights. It was a fabulous experience. And for those of you who are wondering...yes I was quite the novelty being a six foot tall bald woman in China! Daddy had a terrific week with Molly and Aidan and I received a hero's welcome home with banners, cards, gifts and of course lots and lots of hugs.

The Christms season was a whirlwind of family, friends, food and much joy. Pat's brother Mike and his wife Mary Ellen moved into there first home several days shy of Christmas. Most exciting of all was the tiny growth of hair that began to make an apperance on my head (well at least to me!). It has continued to grow and I'm now sporting a full head of fuzzy baby chick hair. Not much but I will take it.

Molly and Aidan continue to enjoy kindergarten. This is a good thing because they might be going to school until the 4th of July if we continue to get as much snow as we have been getting. They've already missed 5 days and January is not even over yet. Aidan is wrestling (see video below). And Molly is taking ballet and tap. They have both expressed an interest in playing soccer again this spring. Busy, busy, busy little people.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Talk About Your Alternative Ending...

April. Was my last post really in April? Well, I do have some news to share but its certainly not what I was expecting. I had surgery in June to remove a cyst from my ovary. My old friend endometreosis had reared its ugly head again. And thankfully it did because in addition to the cyst the surgeon discovered a tumor and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Needless to say we were floored. Fortunately the tumor was earlier stage. Not so fortunately my ongoing treatment includes chemotherapy. I recovered quickly from the surgery and started chemo at the end of July. This week I will have my 6th of 6 cycles. I have been tolerating chemo well. My hair not so much. I have invested in many pairs of BIG earrings in hopes that they will be a distraction from my bald head! And hey, I haven't had to shave my legs in over two months. I have had tremendous support from my family and friends. This has helped enormously. I have maintained a positive outlook and life surges ahead. Really, who has time to be sick with two 5 (almost 6) year olds!

We had a fabulous summer despite my diagnosis. We spent the 4th at Lake Canandaugia with family, visited Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charlie in VA, made annual pilgrimage to visit our dear friends in Welland Ont., and spent a few days at the beach with Mo, Pop Pop, Aunt Eileen and Uncle Ron. We also spent many, many fun filled hours at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom thanks to Aunt Barbara and her gift of season passes.

Molly and Aidan started kindergarten in September and love it. They are in separate classrooms (per our request) and this is working out well. Most importantly they get to ride on the school bus. Big kids. So hard to believe they are in kindergarten already. Molly lost two teeth. Aidan still has all of his and is not happy about that. At the end of October, Molly and Aidan celebrated their 6th birthday in style at Chuck E. Cheese's.

And on the adoption from....sadly we have decided not to more forward with our adoption. Given my diagnosis it probably wasn't an option anyway. Still, it was difficult. After nearly two years and travel on the horizon our journey is finally over. Tough yes but we will count our Blessing. Molly and Aidan continue to be a joy and fill our lives with love and happiness. Who could ask for more?